In 2010, Chelsea Snow opened a little shop in Boise ID called Bricolage. They began designing and producing Idaho-themed t-shirts, jewelry, accessories, glassware and colorful laser-cut wooden ornaments and magnets. The shop closed in 2016, but people still asked for those magnets and ornaments, so she began wholesaling them to other shops in town, and SnowMade was born.

She purchased a laser-cutter and began perfecting the design and production process, and now sells SnowMade products in shops in every state! They are currently a staff of two, handling every aspect from design to production. They are a small but mighty family business.

They now carry our own ever-expanding line of Cards-that-are-also-gifts™, magnet sets, keychains and other fun home decor items in addition to our state-based products. SnowMade's HQ is currently located in beautiful St. Johns, in Portland Oregon.