Danica Studio

Danica Studio, located on the west side of Vancouver, BC, is where nine talented designers sketch, paint, illustrate, photograph, and argue over the merits of various Canadian indie bands of the ‘90s, all while generating two collections a year consisting of 250 products. The studio collaborates on all of the designs and works together on every detail of each item.

Some of the designers have a background in textiles, some are from the world of graphic design, but they all share a love of fabric. And this is where their nearly 50 years of history in textiles pays off, with great relationships with the best vendors in India, some of which go back generations.

Danica gives a percentage of their profits to Education without Borders (EwB), a Canadian non-profit organization created in 2002. Education without Borders provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk children through initiatives in South Africa and Canada, including after-school support programs in Math, English, Science, school leadership and youth mentorship. 

Learn more at www.educationwithoutborders.ca