BeMused Creations

Debbie Shaner is the creative force behind BeMused Creations. Debbie has always called the beautiful Pacific Northwest her home and the dense flowers and foliage that decorate her streets and neighborhoods inspire her work. While her love exploring new techniques and even incorporating cutting edge technology like her Glowforge to laser etch detail into some of her enameled pieces, Debbie's themes rarely stray from the vibrant color and textures found in her environment where nature meets urban development. 

Debbie has taken several enameling and metal smithing workshops over the years but she is largely self-taught and loves to follow her curiosity and see where it leads. She get much of her botanically inspired brass cut on historical/vintage patterned dies in New England, then she cleans, pierce, dap/shape and torch or kiln fire the enamel to the metal. Debbie uses hot & cold joining techniques to create colorful vitreous enameled jewelry designs. She sometimes incorporates waxed linen, leather, small glass vessels that she blows using her lamp workers torch and natural objects.